Alpine manages the permit process for multiple utilities like FPL, JEA, and continuing to add additional utilities. Offered services include Permit Administration, Joint Use Pole Audit, Streetlight/Traffic Signal/Outdoor light Audit, and Clearance inspections of third-party communication attachments. Our electrical engineering staff have 60+ years of combined experience in overseeing the utility make ready design.


Alpine’s full staff of field engineers, office engineers, and drafters are committed to meeting all deadlines for both small and large projects. Our expertise in drafting services includes construction drawings, fiber-optic design, creation, submittal and tracking of right-of-way permits for local, county, federal and state agencies.

We look forward to working with you on your future permitting and engineering projects!


To View FPL Permit Samples and Forms Click Here

To View JEA Permit Documents Click Here


Florida Power & Light has renewed its contract for the processing of pole attachment permit applications with Alpine Communication Corp. each year since 1993.

In 2017 Alpine won a five year bid to administer JEA’s pole attachment permit process. In January 2022 JEA exercised the 2, one year extensions to this bid, extending it into 2024.

In addition, in 2018 Alpine entered into a four year extension to Florida Power & Light’s Joint Use Audit.

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